This lively 50lb pit mix is about 2 years old and looking for her forever home. At under a year old Nicky had a beautiful litter of 10 puppies who have all long since been adopted. Unfortunately she is still waiting to find a home of her own. Nicky enjoys meeting new people and will surely make you smile with her goofy personality. She is very athletic and has an enjoyable puppy energy that makes training with her fun! She is a very fast learner and eager to please. Nicky gets excitable when first meeting people and is still learning proper impulse control where she can meet someone without jumping on them. We believe that Nicky would do best in a home where there are no young children under the age of 13. Nicky is still learning calm behavior and will thrive in a home with clear boundaries where she is given structure and a routine. She plays well with other dogs one-on-one but can get overstimulated very easily. Although it is preferable that Nicky be placed in a home without other animals, if properly introduced, she could be integrated into the right home with another dog. Nicky does well with dogs that are playful as well as respectful of her space. She has a tendency to guard food, toys and anything of high value when another dog is present and will need to be separated if she with a dog around these things. Nicky may be petite for a pit mix but is definitely strong and can jump quite high. She would need a yard that has a fence that is secure and around 8-10ft high. THE ZEN DOG advocates for Nicky's safety and wellbeing and will offer a discounted in home private session to ensure a smooth transition into the perfect home. If you or someone you know is interested in meeting her, please email us at wag@thezendog.com for an adoption application!