Helping Dogs With Their People

MATT BEISNER'S method is intended to develop the deepest possible relationship between you and your dog with the least amount of tension. He doesn't promote choke chains, shock collars, alpha rolls or other popular aversion techniques. Nor is he interested in clickers, treats and/or other methods intended to create "obedience". He wants to help you look at, see and feel your dogs’ energy, understand their needs and assume your natural role as leader.

Photo by Scott Witter

Photo by Scott Witter

Rules of Relationship

Rule 1: Respect

We must first respect dogs for who they are, not who we want them to be.

Rule 2: Trust

Trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship, it's how our dogs feel safe.

Rule 3: Love

Love conquers all, including the need to conquer.


Rules of Engagement

Rule 1: Energy

Energy is the one language that every species on the planet speaks.

Rule 2: Sound

Sound is energy, vocalized. It is a very effective tool in creating or correcting a dog's behavior.

Rule 3: Touch

Touch is often the weakest form of communication, especially when correcting a dog.