Private Trainer, Dog Handling Supervisor    

Carlos Cabrera

Private Trainer, Dog Handling Supervisor

Carlos is the first staff member of THE ZEN DOG ever to be promoted by Matt Beisner to Private Trainer. He joined THE ZEN DOG team in 2014 after the passing of his dog Maui compelled him to become a more informed and compassionate dog owner.

Guided by THE ZEN DOG philosophy of RESPECT, TRUST and LOVE, Carlos' deep understanding of Relationship and Energy, and his relentless desire to learn make him a great teacher in the ongoing service of dogs and humans alike.

On training, Carlos’ experience has shown that "the foundation of THE ZEN DOG training is based in our ability to listen to the dog's specific NEEDS, and not focus on human WANTS". As such he the proud owner of a young Pit/Lab mix named Göetze, who began his own socialization with THE ZEN DOG when he was just 7 weeks old. Thanks to Carlos’ guidance, Göetze has become a fixture at THE ZEN YARD, helping severely challenged dogs learn to trust other dogs, often for the first time.

Carlos also teaches Private and Group Walking & Socialization classes as well as specializing in walking new, difficult and dangerous dogs. Feel free to contact him with any dog walking questions you may have!

Caitlyn Montgomery

Assistant to Owner, Administrative Assistant Manager

Caitlyn first came to THE ZEN DOG as a client, a recent move brought unwanted behaviors in her exuberant Labrador Monty and nervous Bulldog Duchess. After one session with Matt she had an increased feeling of confidence as a dog owner and a greater sense of calm in the house. It made her rethink everything.

So inspired Caitlyn reached out to Matt, seeking a position on the staff. She offered ten years of experience as a Personal Assistant, first hand knowledge as a small business owner, and a fierce desire to serve the greater good. She was a perfect fit for THE ZEN DOG.

Caitlyn quickly became an integral part of the team, working as a part time assistant to Founder, Owner Matt Beisner, mastering the scheduling of private sessions. She soon took on the increased responsibility of assisting the Boarding & Dayplay Administration team at THE ZEN YARD. Most recently Caitlyn was promoted to the full time position of Administrative Assistant Manager. If you haven’t met Caitlyn in person, be sure to say hi next time you stop by THE ZEN YARD, she will make your day brighter. And in support of local health-centered small businesses we recommend you check out Caitlyn’s natural skincare line at

Stef DiOrio

Assistant Manager, Health & Wellness Consultant

Stef is an East Coast transplant that has spent the last seven years working in a variety of animal care environments. Her vast experience includes service at an emergency animal hospital, multiple doggie daycare facilities, the Stand Up For Pits Foundation, and Manager at Just Food For Dogs. While at JFFD Stef spent 2 years under Dr. Oscar Chavez, BVetMed MRCVS MBA, a board certified veterinarian with a degree in Canine Clinical Nutrition, and veterinary toxicologist Dr. John Tegzes, MA, VMD, DABVT, giving her an extensive knowledge of canine diseases and conditions.

Stef’s dog training background has been shaped through her genuine love of the human-animal bond and fortified in numerous classes, seminars, workshops and mentorships. She is the pawrent of two rescues, an 8-year-old diva Chihuahua named Gloria, and Amala, a sassy 5-year-old Husky/Jindo socialite who was rescued near the freeway close to THE ZEN YARD.

Stef has found her home at THE ZEN DOG. In addition to teaching Group and Private Walking & Socialization classes, Stef also offers free Health & Wellness consultations and provides personal Wellness plans for dogs and their owners.