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From Frustration to Fulfillment:
Change Your Dog's Life, Transform Yours

Matt Beisner is a world renowned certified professional dog trainer, with over 15 years experience working in common, confusing, reactive and aggressive dog behaviors. His humane approach to dog training is guided by evidence-based positive reinforcement, to help humans get their dog's needs met and improve their quality of life as a whole. 

What's Possible?

60 minute Virtual Sessions start at $325 / In-Home $350.

Book a package to save.

01 Session 

One to Grow On Plan

Get a personalized jumpstart in just one session! Ask Matt Beisner your biggest questions and receive tailored guidance for your pup's unique needs.

  • Uncover clear next steps for your training journey.

  • Learn how to "speak dog" through body language insights.

  • Explore your dog's well-being for comprehensive progress.

  • Receive Matt's expert advice to feel confident and empowered.

04 Sessions  

The Four on The Flour Plan

Lay the foundation for a lifelong partnership with your dog in four engaging sessions.

  • Build your skills and confidence for a positive training experience.

  • Enhance your understanding of your dog's body language for easier life experiences.

  • Address your dog’s Learning, Environment, Genetics and unique Self (L.E.G.S. ™) in ways that can predict positive behavior changes.

  • Develop a sustainable support plan to guide you every step of the way moving forward.

08 Sessions 

The Loose Leash on Life Plan

Break through obstacles and unlock you and your dog’s potential in eight transformative sessions.

  • Explore how your own well-being impacts your dog's learning and training journey.

  • Develop powerful observation skills and learn to "train without talking" for a more natural approach.

  • Identify and overcome personal roadblocks that might be hindering your dog's progress.

  • Enrich and elevate your quality of life with a support plan made for maximum impact.

02 Sessions 

The Sniff Around Plan

Increase your understanding and unlock lasting improvement in two  sessions.

  • Deepen your connection with your furry friend by learning their body language.

  • Discover the "why" behind behaviors to support appropriate, gentle training.

  • Craft a personalized support plan with Matt for your ongoing success.

  • Make new strides towards your goal of enjoying a harmonious home.

06 Sessions 

The Look at That! Plan

Take your training journey to the next level with six personalized sessions and watch your bond flourish.

  • Strengthen your ability to support your dog's behavior for a calmer, happier household.

  • Create your own "green-yellow-red light" body language system for clear, positive communication.

  • Take on new challenges together with your personalized sustainable support plan.

  • Experience lasting success and a deeper connection with your furry friend.

10 Sessions 

The Happy Tails Plan

Embrace the dog you have and unlock a world of joy in ten life-changing sessions with Matt's secret – the practice of unconditional love.

  • Train from the connection between your wellness and your dog’s behavior.

  • Practice trusting your intuition in your training.

  • Discover Matt's transformative secret: loving the dog you have will give you the dog you want.

  • Build a joyful bond based on trust, understanding, and acceptance.

  • Practice trusting your intuition in your training for a more natural and fulfilling experience.

  • Turn your dog’s support plan into a joyful way of life.

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Ready to get started or have questions?

 Sierra W.

“Matt is different from anyone else I've worked with. He respects the dog and encourages changes that will enrich and better the dog's mental health in the long term."
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