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Matt Beisner and his pitbull Nama


Matt Beisner and Nama dog

Matt is a world renowned certified professional dog trainer, and star of Dog: Impossible on Disney+. Specializes in common, confusing, reactive and aggressive behaviors, Matt’s humane approach is guided by evidence-based positive reinforcement, to help humans get their dog's needs met and improve their quality of life as a whole.

“There is a deepening divide between people and modern-day dogs, from our industry, within our profession and extending deeply into our collective communities. We have to find new ways to help humans before we lose more of us, and our dogs, to despair.” says Matt.

In response, he has launched the groundbreaking LEAP ™ Program, built to ‘Lift Each Animal Person’. LEAP ™ is the developmental home for helping humans in the human/dog relationship.

We are also thrilled to introduce DO DOG LIFE DIFFERENTLY ™, a live virtual training community, led by Matt, that will help you understand your dog’s behaviors and provide healthy opportunities for change.

Matt will also be…

Returning to the screen in a very special project!

Revealing an extraordinary development for THE ZEN DOG ™

Introducing the revolutionary DOG PEOPLE EVOLUTION ™ Conference, in Sweden, 2024

Matt and his wife Brooklin are currently growing their life in Austin, TX with the help of their children and once "impossible" dogs. He gratefully serves as an ambassador of the Texas Humane Legislation Network and continues to meet with clients in-person and virtually, world-wide.

“Using force to change the behavior and feelings of another sentient being is not power.


It is an abject demonstration of one's lack of power”

— Matt Beisner

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