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LEAP Exploration™

Wish your dog would change?

Want to know how to change that relationship?

Are willing to change yourself?

Unlock both you andyour dog’s true potential:Discover the power toLift Each Animal Person

Ready for the groundbreaking LEAP Exploration™ course?

Here's a look at what's on the other side:

In LEAP Exploration™ we will explore - and expand - your Six Stepping Stones™ in Life:

PURPOSE - ONE fifteen minute session with Matt can help you unlock your Life's calling.

PRINCIPLES - Stop being ruled by your own false beliefs TODAY.

PRESENCE - Learn how to QUICKLY become "the quiet" in any storm.

CONTEXT - CONSISTENTLY create circumstances, instead of being controlled by them.

CONSIDERATION - IMMEDIATELY increase the value of all your interactions.

CLARITY - CONFIDENTLY carry out your purpose in LIfe.

LEAP Exploration™ members meet virtually each week for 90 minutes, build on support from each other, and have the opportunity for one-on-one work with Matt. You’ll also get access to each week’s private recordings. And as a BONUS you will receive an invitation to the private LEAP Monthly Membership group!


“I'm here for it All.”

- Matt Beisner 

Here’s what other LEAP Exploration™ members have said…

"Thank you SO much for creating LEAP Exploration™ Matt. You have put a lot of thought into it; being vulnerable and humble in the best of ways with us. I think that's why we responded so well and let ourselves open up too. I don't think I could've ever imagined it would be what it was...It was BETTER!" 

(Matt adds: "Since joining LEAP Exploration™ Daniela is now developing a groundbreaking international dog training conference coming in 2024, with a focus on how to better help humans change.")

- Daniela G., Mexico

“Acceptance into LEAP Exploration™ is exactly what I didn’t know I needed. Taking a step back to see the bigger picture allowed me to have a greater understanding of the importance of showing up for the dogs I live with, myself, and my community…I didn’t expect to come away from LEAP a better human, and I did.”

(Matt: Robin came to LEAP Exploration™ having lived through extraordinary challenges, as a soldier - and a mom. Robin is now on course to become a certified professional dog trainer, with a special care for dogs with "reactive" and "aggressive" behaviors.)

- Robin M., Texas

“What struck me most was Matt’s ability to draw from a conscious place of thought, and present that in a way that gave the participants a new way of seeing their own thoughts and tendencies. LEAP Exploration™ is truly one of a kind and helped me evolve, more importantly, as a human.” 

(Matt: "After taking the LEAP Exploration™ Tim said he'd found his primary purpose in life. He's just released a documentary film called 'Dog Spelled Backwards', about the shelter dogs who've saved his life.")

- Tim A., New York

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