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Purchase a Package Bundle

All packages valid for Virtual & In-Home sessions

1 Session - The One to Grow On Plan



Unlock immediate answers to find a clear path forward (virtual is $325 use code: WAG25)

Valid for one month

Get your burning questions answered

Learn body language and explore your dog's wellness needs

Receive personalized recommendations for your next steps

2 Pack - The Sniff Around Plan



Double your progress and discover lasting change in just two sessions.

Valid for 3 months

Learn dog body language for effective communication

Understand the "why" behind behaviors

Create a personalized support plan for long-term success

Experience significant progress towards your training goals

4 Pack - The Four on The Floor Plan



Lay the groundwork for lifelong harmony with your dog in four focused sessions.

Valid for 4 months

Gain confidence and build a positive training framework

Deepen your dog's communication skills for smoother interact

Learn L.E.G.S.™ method for effective training strategies

Develop a sustainable support plan for ongoing guidance

6 Pack - The Look at That! Plan



Take your training journey to the next level and watch your bond flourish.

Valid for 6 months

Strengthen your ability to support your dog

Create your own body language system for clear communication

Personalize your own sustainable support plan

Experience lasting success and a deeper connection

8 Pack - The 'Loose Leash on Life' Plan



Break through obstacles and unlock you and your dog’s potential in eight transformative sessions

Valid for 9 months

Explore how your own well-being impacts your dog's training

Develop powerful skills and learn to "train without talking"

Identify and overcome personal roadblocks

Enrich and elevate your quality of life with a support plan

Best Value

10 Pack - The Happy Tails Plan



Embrace the dog you have and unlock a world of joy in ten life-changing sessions with Matt's secret

Valid for 12 months

Discover Matt's transformative secret

Build a bond based on trust, understanding, and acceptance

Practice trusting your intuition in your training

Turn your dog’s support plan into a joyful way of life

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